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    3015 4 Axis CNC Machine
    A customized worktable size of 3000x1500mm can meet the customer’s demands of long X-axis travel. The vacuum and T-slot table has a strong adsorption ability to such the workpieces firmly on the worktable during operation, preventing the panel from sliding or moving. The helical racks, guide rails, and ball screws adopt famous brand products to guarantee smooth operation and a long lifespan of the machine.
    Description Parameter
    X,Y,Z Working Area 3000x1500x400mm
    X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
    Table Surface Vacuum&T-slot Table
    Frame Welded Structure,heavy duty T-structure
    X, Y Structure Helical Rack gear, Abba 25# Linear Square Guide
    Z Structure Taiwan TBI Ball Screw, Abba 25# Linear Square Guide
    Lubrication system Automatic
    Vacuum pump 11kw  water circlulation vacuum pump
    Tool slots 16
    Spindle Power 5.5kw Changsheng HQD ATC water cooling spindle
    Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
    Drive Motors Japan YASKAWA
    Working Voltage 220V,3phase,60HZ(option 380V, 3phase, 50HZ)
    Control System Taiwan SYNTEC
    X,Y Resolution <0.01mm
    Software Compatibility Type3 Software, (Option: Artcam Software)
    Running Environment  Temperature 0 – 45 Centigrade
    3015  4 Axis CNC Machine
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