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    4 Axis CNC Wood Router
    The 4 axis CNC router with a swing spindle can process the top, left, and right sides of a workpiece in one operation, reducing clamping times.
    It is equipped with two press rollers to help fix and press the wooden board during operation, avoiding moving and sliding.
    The guide rails and racks along the Y axis are protected by a dust cover to prevent wood chips from accumulating in the rails.
    Description Parameter
    Model ELE1530ATC-4
    Tool magazine Round or Carrousel type auto tool changer with 12 tools storage
    X, Y, Z Working Area 1500x3000x400mm
    Table Size 1500×3000mm
    Table Surface Vacuum and T-slot working table, 6 zones;

    2 pieces of rollers in the front of the table

    Structure Industrial class square tube strong structure, heavy-duty 8-10mm
    X, Y Structure Rack and Pinion Drive, Sweden ABBA #25 Linear Square Rail;

    Dust cover for Y-axis

    Z Structure Sweden ABBA #30 Linear Square Rail and TBI Ball Screw
    Spindle Rotary spindle, 9kw Italy HSD ATC air cooling spindle, Swing -90°to +90°

    ISO30 tool holder

    Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
    Drive Motors 850wJapan YASKAWA servo motors and 1kw drivers
    Inverter 11kw Taiwan DELTA inverter
    Working Voltage 220v, 3phase, 60HZ (or customized)
    Command Language G Code
    Operating System Taiwan SYNTEC 21MA 4 axis control System with handle
    Computer Interface USB
    Collet ISO30
    Software UG
    Running Environment  Temperature 0 – 45 Centigrade
    Relative Humidity 30% – 75%
    Lubrication system Automatic lubrication system
    Tool sensor Automatic tool sensor calibration
    Position cylinder Auto Position cylinder
    Optional Japan Shimpo reducer;

    4kw vacuum pump;

    Automatic oil sprayer cooling system;

    new type 1.5kw double pocket dust collector;

     4 Axis CNC Wood Router
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