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    1637 ATC 4 Aixs CNC Machine
    The effective working size is 1600x3700x600mm, which is good at processing thick and tall workpieces.
    It is provided with a rotary device and a rotary spindle to process 3D workpieces.
    The vacuum worktable with 8 zones has a strong adsorption capacity to prevent the panel from sliding or moving during operation.
    Model ELECNC-1637ATC
    Working Area 1600*3700*600mm
    Tool Magazine 12 Tools Carousel Magazines
    Working Voltage 220v 3ph 60hz( Option)
    Control System Taiwan SYNTEC 21MA control system
    Spindle 9.6kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle, can swing ±90°
    Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm
    Inverter 11kw Taiwan Delta Inverter
    Motor & Driver 850w Japan YASKAWA servo motor and 1kw servo driver with 3 pieces Japan Shimpo Reducer
    Table Surface T-Slot and Vacuum Working Table,8 zones
    Lubrication System 1.5L Auto Lubrication System
    Color Yellow and Black (customizable)
    Dust collector 1.5kw new type double bag dust colltor
    X,Y axis Helical rack gear transmission
    Vacuum Pump 2 pieces 5.5kw Tongyou vacuum pump,220v 3ph 60hz
    1637 ATC 4 Aixs CNC Machine
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