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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    Multi-functional 4 Axis CNC Wood Router
    The ATC air-cooled spindle can rotate 180 degrees left and right to realize three-dimensional processing.
    It is also equipped with a separate rotary device to carve and engrave cylinders, rods, square sticks, and other cylindrical workpieces.
    The Z-axis travel of this ATC CNC machine is 600mm, suitable for processing thick and tall parts.
    Model ELECNC-1530ATC-4
    Working Area 1500*3000*600mm
    Tool Magazine 8 Tools Carousel Magazines
    Working Voltage 380V,3Phase,50Hz( Option)
    Control System Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB Control System
    Spindle 9KW HSD Air Cooling Spindle
    Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm
    Inverter 11KW Taiwan DELTA Inverter
    Motor & Driver 850W Japan YASKAWA servo motor and 1KW servo driver,Japan SHIMPO Reducer
    Table Surface Bar & Vacuum Table
    Lubrication System Auto Lubrication System
    Gantry Structure Gantry Moving
    Spray/ Flume Automatic Oil Mist Cooling
    Frame New Type Heavy Duty Body
    X,Y,Z Transmission Helical rack on X,Y axis and Taiwan TBI Ball Screw on Z axis
    X,Y,Z Rail Taiwan ABBA/ PMI/ HIWIN Square Guide,#25
    Vacuum Pump 7.5KW Water Circulation Vacuum Pump
    Dust Collection System 1.5KW New Type Double Bag Dust Collection System
    Tool Sensor Auto Tool Sensor Calibration
    Rotary device Parallel Rotary Device with FL118 Stepper Motor and YAKO 2811 Gig Driver
    Wire High Soft Shjeld with Copper Wire to Protect Against Static Electricity
    Multi-functional 4 Axis CNC Wood Router

    Multi-functional 4 Axis CNC Wood Router
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