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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    Nesting CNC Router Cabinet Making Machine

    This machine is suitable for solid wood door sizing, solid wood/panel furniture production, all-aluminum furniture blanking, drilling, engraving, cutting and other processes of non-metallic materials.

    The rotary saw can be cut at any angle, and the automatic tool change spindle with a large-capacity tool magazine can perform engraving, milling, drilling, cutting and blanking, etc.

    The new type of large square tube seamless welded bed, steel mobile gantry, high precision, can carry a large weight, easy to operate.

    Product name and model: Mother and Son Saw CNC Machining Center
    Working area: 1300*2800*200mm
    Machine Color: White
    Bed structure: New type large square tube seamless welding bed
    Gantry structure: Steel mobile gantry
    Countertop Structure: Vacuum adsorption table + auxiliary feeding table + automatic feeding platform
    system: Taiwan New Generation
    Spindle: HQD Hanqi automatic tool change spindle, 12 disc tool changers,
    mother and daughter saws
    Spindle speed: 0-24000rpm
    Inverter: Hypmount Inverter
    Motor and drive system: New generation servo motor + Japan Xinbao reducer
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency: 380V/50HZ
    rack: Fine helical gear
    guide: Taiwan Dinghan Square Rail
    Positioning the cylinder: (Y4+X2)
    Vacuum pump: Water circulation vacuum pump
    Vacuum cleaner: Double bag vacuum cleaner
    Lubrication system: automatic lubrication
    Knife: automatic tool setting
    Pressure wheel: Pressure wheel
    Chassis (type, color): Rittal chassis white
    Nesting CNC Router Cabinet Making Machine

    Nesting CNC Router Cabinet Making Machine

    Nesting CNC Router Cabinet Making Machine
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