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    CNC keyhole machine

    The CNC keyhole machine is mainly used to process wooden doors, door frames, door locks, door lock steps, hinge holes, process holes, etc., and various process processing can be completed by one-time feeding and positioning. It can also be used for punching and milling grooves in other wooden furniture. The CNC keyhole machine has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and complete functions.

    The door lock machine is composed of two vertical spindles, four horizontal spindles (the angle can be freely switched), an adjustable fixture table, auxiliary loading and unloading devices and other components. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate, and the system has powerful functions. It contains a sound CAM software, which can easily complete the processing of wooden door lock holes, lock grooves, hinge pages, paint holes, slide grooves and other processes.

    product name CNC door lock machine
    Processing width 500-1000mm
    Processing length 2500mm
    fast movement speed 60m/min
    frequency conversion Fuling
    Workpiece fixing method Position Adjustable Pneumatic Gripper
    Low voltage electrical appliances Schneider
    The electromagnetic valve AirTAC
    working pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
    Equipment voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
    total equipment power 15KW host + 5.5KW vacuum cleaner
    Equipment size 4300*2300*2600mm
    equipment weight 2500kg
    CNC keyhole machine

    CNC keyhole machine
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