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    5 axis Stone bridge saw

    The five-axis bridge saw can cut quartz stone, marble, slate and other decorative materials through the saw blade. The saw blade and the cutter are combined, and one machine is multi-purpose and powerful. It has any linear cutting, chamfering, cutting arc, polygon cutting, milling Advanced functions such as special-shaped, edging and profiling are widely used in stone processing plants, kitchen countertop processing, background wall profiling and other fields.

    1. Independent research and development of the five-axis bridge cutting head, and the rigidity of the cast rotating bracket is better.

    2. Equipped with automatic turning table, reducing labor intensity and convenient unloading.

    3. Using high-precision RV reducer, the shaft head swing precision is higher.

    4. The hydraulic cylinder is used as the turning power, the turning weight redundancy is large, and it is suitable for a wide range of scenarios.

    ES5-3220 Five-axis bridge saw
    journey three-axis 3200*2000*500mm
    C axis ±185°
    A-axis 0-90°
    fast moving speed X axis 30mmin
    Y axis 30mmin
    Z axis 15mmin
    servo motor X axis, Y axis Delta 850W absolute value servo motor
    Z axis Delta 850W absolute servo motor (with brake)
    A axis, C axis Delta 750W absolute value servo motor
    guide Y 30 tracks
    X 30 tracks
    Z 30 tracks
    rack X, Y 2M
    mesa structure square wood
    countertop size 3200×2000
    flip angle 0-80°
    Reverse weight 800KG
    saw blade size 450mm
    Maximum processing thickness 100mm
    lead screw Z 3210
    reducer X/Y axis Xinbao reducer
    Saw blade motor 11KW saw blade motor rated 1500r/min
    Inverter 15KW saw blade
    operating system custom system
    Low voltage electrical appliances Schneider
    working pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
    Equipment voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
     5 axis Stone bridge saw
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