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    Quartz stone machining center

    The quartz stone countertop machining center adopts the mechanical Jianchun spindle, the new generation 6MB system and Yaskawa motor, with high accuracy and stability.
    the countertop is made of phenolic board hard tabletop and 8 suction cups, which has high stability during processing.
    12 tool magazines are arranged in a row , placed on both sides of the bed, it is convenient to process and change the tool and save the time for tool change; the newly designed stone machine body has good bearing capacity and long-term processing without deformation.
    The wash basins and tea trays on the stone countertops are processed by hollowing, carving, chamfering, polishing and edging, so as to reduce the tool change time and waste generation, improve the utilization rate of plates, and can also process murals, background wall lettering, relief, hollowing out Wait.

    Product name and model 3015  Quartz stone machining center
    machine color white blue
    working area 3000*1500*400mm
    Tool magazine type 12 tool magazines in a row
    system Weihong Stone Processing Center System
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380v, 3ph, 50hz
    Spindle Jianchun Machinery Center Water Outlet Spindle
    Spindle cover (sheet metal) yes, blue
    Inverter 7.5kw super synchronous spindle servo motor
    Motors and Drives Yaskawa, Japan
    reducer Xinbao reducer
    bed structure Newly designed stone machine body
    Countertop Structural Requirements Phenolic board hard table plus 8 suction cups
    side panel type Welded side panels
    guide Taiwan PMI
    Rack/Module Taiwan Jingte helical gear
    Machine dustproof type XY dust cloth
    Limited brand Limit switch
    Lubrication system Electric gear pump
    spray/sink Center spray + ring spray + sink
    positioning cylinder X4Y2
    knife automatic tool setting
    Chassis (type, color) Rittal chassis white
     Quartz stone machining center
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