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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    Dual Process Quartz Stone Machining Center

    Complete the process of edging and engraving on the table, one machine is multi-purpose and occupies a small area.
    The table top edging function and engraving function can be switched with one key, which is easy to operate.
    This machine can realize quick tool change in 3 seconds, with more powerful functions and higher processing efficiency.
     It can be switched automatically according to the processing requirements, which reduces the tool change time and improves the processing efficiency.
    The two-process quartz stone countertop machining center is suitable for digging, carving, chamfering, polishing, and European-style edging for artificial stone such as countertops, cabinet panels and other artificial stones, quartz stone countertops and washbasins. It can also process large murals, background walls, etc. Lettering, embossing, hollowing out, etc.

    Product name and model Dual Process Quartz Stone Machining Center
    working area 1500*3000*200mm
    system Weihong Stone Processing Center System
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380v, 50hz, 3ph
    Spindle power Shengfeng 5.5KW
    Inverter Best
    Motors and Drives Tanglin
    reducer Xinbao reducer
    Countertop Structural Requirements Anti-fold special board + adsorption block
    side panel type Welded column
    guide Ding Han
    Rack/Module Taiwen rack
    Limited brand Chint
    Lubrication system automatic lubrication
    spray/sink Has a sink
    knife automatic tool setting
    Dual Process Quartz Stone Machining Center
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