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    Quartz stone processing center

    The functions of this quartz stone machining center are as follows.
    The z-axis is raised, the table surface is lowered, and the processing range is increased.
    the spindle adopts a water-cooled spindle, which has fast cooling speed, low spindle noise and high power.
    disc tool change, saving tool change time and speeding up production Efficiency.
    the movable rotating shaft can perform cylindrical engraving, increasing the processing range and diversity.
    the bed structure adopts a new type of large square tube, which has a large bearing capacity, no deformation, and good stability.

    Product name and model  Quartz stone processing center
    machine color black and yellow
    system Taiwan New Generation
    Spindle Prosperity water cooling
    working area 2100*1300*600mm
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380v3ph50hz
    Inverter Fuling inverter
    Motors and Drives Yaskawa servo + Xinbao reducer
    countertop structure Ordinary countertop + sink
    Gantry structure Gantry Mobile
    rack helical rack
    guide ABBA/Intime or Shanghai Silver
    Lubrication system Small automatic lubrication
    bed structure New style large square tube
    lead screw TBI lead screw
    knife automatic tool setting
    axis of rotation Movable rotation axis
    Chassis Black Rittal case
     Quartz stone processing center
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