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    1325 Stone engraving machine

    The large square tube bed has large bearing capacity and good stability.
    The countertop sinks to increase the processing range.
    The feeding ball is added in front of the table, which is convenient for feeding.
    The movable rotating shaft can carry out cylindrical engraving, increasing the processing range and diversity.
    The main shaft adopts water-cooled main shaft, which has fast cooling speed, low main shaft noise and high power.

    product name Stone engraving machine
    machine color black and yellow
    Three-axis travel 1300*2500*600mm
    system DSP
    Inverter Fuling inverter
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 220v1ph50hz
    Spindle power/speed Changsheng water-cooled spindle
    Motors and Drives FL118+Yako2811
    bed structure Large square tube, countertop sinks
    countertop structure Stone machine table
    side panel type column side panel
    guide PMI
    Rack/Module helical teeth
    Machine dustproof type X, Y axis dustproof
    Limited brand Omron limit
    Lubrication system Electric gear pump automatic lubrication
    spray/sink Stainless steel sink with two simple sprays
    Rotary shaft size/stroke/motor/drive 200mm diameter movable rotating shaft
    knife Knife setting block
    Chassis (type, color) Double-sided independent chassis (black)
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