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    Profile trimming machine

    The profile trimming machine is used for the trimming work after the edge sealing of the cabinet door.
    The machine can be repaired into an R arc angle, the size of the chamfer can be adjusted, and the efficiency is high.
    Precise cutter head, good chamfering effect and less error.
    The cutter head is equipped with a protective cover, which can effectively protect the safety of the operator.
    The machine is small and light, and can be moved at any time according to the actual situation, which is convenient for operation.
    Affordable price, saving time and effort, low cost and high efficiency.

    name Profile trimming machine
    Dimensions 710*500*460mm
    Trimming thickness 0.3-3mm
    Corner height 60mm
    Voltage 220v
    Access air pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
    power 350w
    weight 27kg
    Profile trimming machine
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