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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    Metal Strip Cutting Machine

    One-button start button switch.
    No need for manual pressing and foot pressing.
    Automatic pressing, automatic cutting.
    Save time, labor and cost.
    Precision alloy saw blade quenching process, long service life.
    The sawtooth is isosceles right angle, the cutting is accurate and error-free, and the saw blade is easy to replace.
    The lengthened material support frame can be continuously cut and operated conveniently, and it can also be folded and disassembled easily.

    Motor Power 1.1kw
    saw blade 200*25.4*8(45 degree teeth)
    Voltage 380V/220V
    Shelf length 2350 (length can be customized)
    mesa 550mm*520mm
    Body length 4740*680*830mm
    Processing lines 6/8/10mm
    weight 110kg
    Metal Strip Cutting Machine
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