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    Product features of CNC Router
    Last Modify:2022-08-06 10:07:47
      The CNC Router has fast cutting speed and good cutting effect. It is a crucial equipment in the processing and cutting. The processing effects such as cutting, punching, and grooving can be achieved, and it has become an important equipment in the processing market. Then everyone Do you know what are the characteristics of CNC Router products? How much do you know about this?
    1. This machine is equipped with special typesetting and blanking software, which can realize automatic typesetting + sheet blanking + special-shaped cutting + vertical punching and other functions, which can completely replace large saws, save sawing workers and save costs.
    2. It is suitable for the processing of diversified composite products, such as the wooden door industry, the cabinet industry, the mass production of panel furniture, and the production of diversified component products (such as cabinets).
    cnc router
    3. The cutting speed of the Router is fast, the Router is continuous when working, and it can work continuously for eight hours, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.
    4. The vacuuming effect of the CNC Router is good. The Router adopts a complete set of 3 kilowatts of dust removal controlled by a solenoid valve, which realizes the dust-free factory, greatly improves the environmental quality of the factory, and enhances the vacuuming effect of the Router. , the suction is clean, and its suction power can reach more than 95%.
    5. The use of CNC blanking machine with panel furniture design software allows buyers to see the furniture renderings more intuitively, realize automatic optimization of blanking layout, higher efficiency, save blanking masters, and improve panel utilization.
    6. Realize the whole house customized punching, grooving, cutting and milling engraving, etc., special-shaped processing is convenient, the cutting speed is fast, no edge collapse, no lint, labor saving, safe and error-free operation, find a small worker for a day of training You can work, and CNC production will not be caused by manual errors, and one Router can handle three or four people for processing.
    The above content is about the product features of CNC Router . I believe that after reading it, you will have a new understanding and understanding of this. If you want to know more content, you can pay more attention to our website and hope to help you.
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