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    Furniture productivity is low, you can use CNC Router?to help you
    Last Modify:2022-08-05 13:31:57
      If you now encounter problems such as low furniture processing efficiency, low processing accuracy and inability to improve processing quality, then you can choose to use CNC Router to improve the quality of furniture processing. What role can CNC Router play? Next Like CNC to introduce to you.
    The specific function of CNC Router?
    The CNC Router is not a kind of equipment, it is a production line composed of a variety of furniture processing equipment. The whole process is processed by the equipment without excessive manual intervention. The operator debugs the system and inputs the processing parameters. Fixed The position is fixed in the process, so that there will be no problems such as board running board problems and inaccurate processing, and the quality problems will be solved from the root source, creating higher-quality boards and assembling them into better-quality furniture.
    CNC Router
    Below we introduce several common equipment of CNC Router:
    Four-process Router and straight row automatic tool changing machining center, these two equipment belong to CNC Router, which are mainly used for cutting, grooving and punching. There are also some differences between the four-process Router and the straight-row automatic tool change machining center. The main highlight of the four-process is the four spindles, which can realize zero-second tool change, accurate cutting and drilling, and improve the speed while ensuring the processing accuracy.
    The main highlight of the straight row is that there are 12 knives, these knives can be switched freely, these knives can be switched automatically and freely, and the switching speed is very fast, which can save a lot of time.
    The automatic edge banding machine is an important equipment to improve the aesthetics of furniture. High-quality edge banding can not only prolong the service life of furniture, but also reduce the release of formaldehyde, which is an important part of furniture edge banding.
    The CNC six-sided drill is a high-end drilling equipment. The equipment adopts double clamps for feeding, and can automatically adjust the clamping position according to the length of the plate. Through the matching of the optional drill package and the spindle, six-sided drilling and six-sided opening can be realized. Diversified processing such as grooves, side pull light grooves, six-sided lamino groove invisible parts, processing through holes, and milling special shapes.
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