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    What are the models of furniture CNC Router
    Last Modify:2022-08-02 16:49:08
      Furniture CNC Router can realize the effect of multi-purpose, worry-saving, labor-saving and time-saving. Due to the large number of models of this brand, customers have more and more choices. It has been well received, so do you know what the model of the device is? How much do you know about this? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will introduce to you.
    Models of CNC Router for furniture:
    1. In-line automatic tool change machining center:
    The tool magazine of the in-line automatic tool change machining center has 12 tools and a 9KW air-cooled spindle to meet different processing needs. The equipment has fast numerical control processing speed, stable operation, simple and intuitive interface, and easier operation.
    The size of the equipment is relatively large and the contact surface is large, which can better ensure the stability of equipment processing and achieve better processing results during high-speed processing.
    cnc router
    2. Four-process Router:
    The four-process Router has four spindles, each of which can play an important role, with fast tool changing speed and strong processing functions. Different processing effects.
    The design of the control interface is user-friendly, and the operation is fool-proof. The operator can take up the job after simple training, and no skilled workers are required. The processing effect of one machine has become a more important equipment in the market.
    3. Non-porous process machining center
    The non-porous process CNC Router is a multi-functional Router, which can be used for both conventional three-in-one process production and crescent-shaped connector slotting, which is more widely used. Equipped with edge banding machine and CNC six-sided drill, it is suitable for customized production of high-end and high-end panel furniture. It has a good development prospect and is a good choice for customized furniture factories.
    The above three models are commonly used furniture CNC Router models, which occupy an important position in processing and production. I believe you will have a new understanding and understanding of this after reading it. If you want to know more, you can Pay more attention to our website, I hope it can help everyone.
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