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    What are the supporting equipment of CNC Router?that Blue Elephant CNC can provide?
    Last Modify:2022-08-01 16:36:29
      Although the CNC Router can realize the multi-purpose processing function of one machine, in order to achieve more processing effects, it still needs to be matched with other types of equipment, such as CNC drilling equipment, edge banding equipment, etc. It can ensure that the processing equipment is stable and reliable, and occupies an important position in the processing and production.
    CNC Router: three-in-one processing equipment such as cutting, drilling, slotting, etc., the cutting speed is very fast, and more and more functional effects can be achieved. It is a relatively important equipment in furniture processing and production. play an increasingly important role in production.
    cnc router
    CNC drilling equipment: The commonly used CNC drilling equipment is the side hole machine. The main function of this equipment is to make side holes. Combined with the hole opening function of the Router, it can achieve a good hole punching effect. There is also a high-end CNC drilling equipment - CNC six-sided drilling. This equipment has automatic processing and intelligent system, which can realize six-sided drilling such as positive and negative, up and down, left and right, with higher processing precision and more perfect processing effect.
    Edge banding equipment: Using the automatic edge banding machine for edge banding can achieve a stronger, smoother and more beautiful processing effect, which can not only improve the quality of furniture, but also improve the aesthetics of the furniture.
    The above three types of equipment are equipments that are more matched with CNC Routers, and are collectively referred to as panel furniture production lines. This production line has flexible machine combinations and variable processing techniques. become the most important equipment on the market.
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