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    How to compare the advantages and disadvantages of single station and double station CNC Router
    Last Modify:2022-07-28 16:56:38
      There is still a big difference between the single-station CNC Router and the double-station CNC Router in terms of processing effect. Below we will summarize it in detail for you.
    1. Comparison of processing efficiency:
    There are two cases: one is the Router with side hole machine, and the other is the Router with six-sided drilling.
    If the machine is equipped with a side hole machine, since the double station has two workbenches, when the machine finishes processing the plate on one workbench, it can directly choose to process the plate on the other workbench, while the single station needs to be processed on the workbench. After the plate is processed, the worktable is cleaned, and then the next plate is loaded and processed, so the efficiency is definitely not as high as that of the double station. In this case, the double-station Router can improve the production efficiency by 30%-50% than the single-station Router in one day.
    cnc router
    2. Machine stability comparison:
    On the one hand, since the length of the bed of the double-station Router is about 6m, and the length of the bed of the single-station Router is about 3.4m, the longer the length of the bed, the greater the subsequent deformation of the Router. , the worse the accuracy, the easier the accessories are to have problems, and the higher the maintenance cost. On the other hand, since the total length of the guide rail does not exceed 6m, the Y-direction guide rail of the double-station CNC Router can be all spliced, so there will be splicing errors. The machining accuracy of the machine is greatly affected. In terms of stability, the single-station Router is much more stable than the double-station CNC Router.
    3. Labor cost comparison:
    Whether the double-station CNC Router is used with a side hole machine or a six-sided drill, it basically requires two workers to complete it, while if the single-station CNC Router is used with a six-sided drilling, one worker can complete the machine. production.
    4. Machine upgrade comparison:
    The double-station Router cannot be upgraded. The single-station Router can be upgraded to the automatic loading and unloading function, and then to the automatic labeling function, and can also be matched to the production line of the high-end furniture manufacturing industry.
    There are only a few differences between a double-station CNC Router and a single-station CNC Router. You can decide whether to buy a machine or a double-station CNC Router according to your own capital budget and development plan.
    The above content is the difference between the double-station CNC Router and the single-station CNC. You can judge according to these situations, and hope to help everyone.
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