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    Working characteristics and equipment performance of CNC Router
    Last Modify:2022-07-27 16:55:43
      Now panel furniture occupies a large proportion in the furniture industry. Now custom furniture is a trend. Now home decoration is becoming more and more personalized. More and more families choose custom wardrobes and cabinets, which brings business opportunities to wardrobe manufacturers. also brings challenges. Every family is different, with different sizes and specifications. It takes a lot of time and manpower to measure and calculate the size, and then carry out cutting and processing. The production efficiency is very low, and the wages of workers remain high, which virtually reduces the number of bosses. Profits, enterprises need to transform, and bosses need to find production methods that save labor and improve efficiency.
    The spindles of the CNC router for customized panel furniture can be replaced instantly. One of the spindles is used for drilling, one is used for grooving, and the other is used for cutting. While saving the customer's investment cost, the output is greatly improved.
    The equipment is especially suitable for cutting panel furniture, with four spindles automatically changing tools, punching, grooving and cutting in one go. It not only solves the problem of edge breakage and knife breakage during the cutting process, and improves product quality, but also saves time for tool change, reduces labor, and greatly improves work efficiency.
    CNC Router
    The working characteristics of CNC Router:
    1. With optional automatic loading and unloading platform and row drilling equipment, it is an economical machining center with high cost performance and strong expansibility.
    2. This machine is equipped with special typesetting and cutting software, which can realize automatic typesetting, special-shaped cutting, vertical punching and other functions, which can completely replace large saws and save sawing workers and costs.
    Equipment performance of CNC Router:
    1. The countertop is the world's leading vacuum adsorption countertop, with large adsorption force, strong adsorption force of materials with different areas, high density and no deformation (1.3-1.45g/cm), good temperature resistance, and high temperature resistance (115 ℃).
    2. High speed and high efficiency, the processing speed can reach 15m/min. Rack transmission mode, stable transmission, to ensure long-term high-speed operation without deformation and vibration.
    3. The design adopts a unique double-tooth transmission, which is easier to operate and more user-friendly in design, making it more convenient for you to use.
    4. The material is finely cut without sawtooth, and the bottom surface is flat and smooth, with a clear outline.
    The working characteristics and equipment performance of CNC Router have been introduced to you in the above content. I believe you will have a new understanding and understanding of this after reading it. If you want to know more, you can pay more attention to our website, hope it can help you.
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