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    0 second switching of CNC Router
    Last Modify:2022-07-25 17:58:32
      The CNC Router is an economical cutting equipment. The function of changing four knives is realized through the pneumatic switch, so as to complete the vertical hole positioning, slotting and cutting functions of the entire panel furniture. At present, some manufacturers on the market sell "0-second switching" high-speed feeders. What is the advantage of 0-second switching? How does the 0-second switching of CNC Router happen?
    In fact, it is very simple to realize fast switching of CNC Router. It is only necessary to use multiple frequency converters to control the spindles respectively, and even some brands can use two frequency converters to achieve rapid switching of four spindles. The quick-change function means that when one spindle finishes machining, the other starts machining immediately, without waiting for one spindle to stop before machining. The 0-second switching of the CNC Router means that when switching between four spindles, there is no need to wait for one spindle to stop and the other to restart.
    How does this method work? Adding multiple drives for control is very simple. Since the work of the spindle of the CNC Router is controlled by the inverter, other ordinary CNC Routers have only one inverter, and the other spindle can only be started after the spindle is completely stopped. However, the fast switching function can be achieved by adding multiple frequency converters. For panel furniture cabinet processing, quick switching helps to improve efficiency, but there is no need to exaggerate the effect of quick tool changing.
    Since the working mode of the blanking machine is different from that of the CNC drilling and cutting blanking machine, in the normal processing process, one spindle handles all its own processes, and then switches to the next spindle for processing, instead of switching frequently like the drilling and cutting blanking machine. . The overall speed of the entire processing flow for fast switching models is less than 20 seconds.
    Blue Elephant Router is easy to operate, high degree of automation, environmental protection and energy saving, and is favored by many furniture processing factories. The feature is that without manual intervention, the program is automatically executed, and various processes such as grooving, cutting, punching, and engraving can be completed at one time, without manual tool change, saving time. And the Router is equipped with a high-power adsorption table, which can adsorb different plates and realize automatic loading and unloading, which not only saves labor but also improves production efficiency.
    The advantages of using CNC Router in panel furniture manufacturing:
    With the continuous expansion of demand in the Chinese market, panel furniture has formed a blowout development in the past year. The Blue Elephant CNC Router relies on the traditional cutting saw to operate rigidly, unable to cut special shapes, and operate rigidly. The Blue Elephant CNC Router can To do any special-shaped cutting, only one person is required to operate, and the utilization rate of the plate can reach 2.85 square meters.
    The CNC woodworking Router has high speed and high precision, the software automatically optimizes the layout, and the whole board is cut. It can be operated by office clerks using this software, without the need to hire high-cost drawing and engraving workers, large sawing workers, and the yield rate can reach more than 97%.
    CNC Router
    The CNC Router is easy to operate, and is equipped with a cross-border protection device, the cylinder is lifted, and the machine stops working to prevent the cylinder from hitting the machine and the tool.
    Industry of CNC Router: This machine is widely used in cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, etc. It is especially suitable for the production of customized cabinets and wardrobes. It can provide customized models and services according to user requirements.
    The CNC Router is equipped with a Z-axis tool anti-collision system, which is easy to use and avoids damage to the machine caused by improper human operation.
    The traditional cutting saw requires two people to lift the board back and forth to adjust the size. The back pain is sore after a day of cutting materials, and the Router does not have a vacuum device, which will cause great harm to the operator's body.
    The vacuum table is specially developed for the CNC Router, with good adsorption effect and many holes, preventing the waste of the sheet caused by the sheet cutter driving the sheet during cutting.
    The CNC Router is equipped with a cylinder positioning function to ensure that the placement of each plate is the same, and the origin of the workpiece will not be repeatedly defined.
    The fully automatic loading and unloading Router produced by Blue Elephant CNC can complete cutting and edge sealing with only one person operating with the edge sealing rotary line, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves a lot of labor to reduce enterprise costs.
    The production process of custom furniture is the waterline: order acceptance → factory dismantling → factory scheduling → workshop production → workshop packaging → warehousing → delivery, it sounds very simple, the average daily production capacity of CNC panel furniture production line is 6 times higher than the traditional production capacity.
    Blue Elephant CNC automatic panel furniture production equipment includes many kinds, of which the double-process plus row drilling is one of them. The feeding platform can be directly connected to the CNC labeling machine. In terms of configuration, on the basis of the original three-process CNC Router, a punching spindle was removed, and an Italian (5+4) 9-row drill was replaced, and the punching tool was automatically changed according to the size of the hole in the production of panel furniture. Direct punching, and adjacent holes can be punched together, the punching speed is more than double that of the three-process. The loading and unloading platform saves labor costs, and quickly loads and unloads to avoid manual positioning errors. Double-process plus row drilling plus automatic loading and unloading is a cost-effective panel production line equipment.
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