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    Straight row automatic tool change CNC Router
    The tool magazine with 12 tools in a row is under the gantry, and it is equipped with an automatic feeding platform and an automatic unloading platform, which saves time for tool change and loading and unloading, and has high production efficiency.
    The overall adsorption table is divided into 6 areas, suitable for processing workpieces of various shapes and sizes, with strong adsorption force.
    The Taiwan Baoyuan system has good stability and is equipped with a handle for easy operation.
    The new bed design is firm and stable, and it will not be deformed for long-term processing.
    The guide rail adopts 30/25 square rail, with high machining precision. Equipped with hard limit, high safety.
    product name Straight row automatic tool change CNC Router
    Three-axis travel 1300*2500*200mm
    system Taiwan Baoyuan
    Inverter Fuling
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380V, 3PH, 50HZ
    Spindle power/speed HQD 9Kw air cooling, 24000rpm
    Motors and Drives Raiser motor drive
    reducer Japan Xinbao reducer
    bed structure new bed
    countertop structure Full-page adsorption table, divided into 6 areas
    side panel type Welded column
    guide Dinghan square rail
    Rack/Module rack
    Limited brand Omron
    Lubrication system automatic lubrication
    Vacuum cleaner voltage and frequency Double bag vacuum cleaner (380V, 3PH, 50HZ)
    positioning cylinder (Y4+X2)
    knife automatic tool setting
    Vacuum Pump Voltage and Frequency Water circulation pump (380V, 3PH, 50HZ)
    Chassis (type, color) Rittal
    CNC Router

    CNC Router
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