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    Automatic loading and unloading straight row machining center with automatic labeling
    It adopts high-power air-cooled tool change spindle, which is suitable for the processing of complex patterns. Adopt Japan Yaskawa 850KW servo motor with reducer, fast processing speed and high processing accuracy.
    It has the functions of automatic loading and unloading and automatic labeling, which can effectively save manpower and improve processing efficiency.
    The linear tool magazine is installed under the gantry, which effectively improves the machining accuracy and prolongs the service life of the machine tool.
    product name Straight row + row drilling loading and unloading belt automatic labeling
    Machine color (can be customized) black and white
    working area 2100*3700*200mm
    system new generation
    bed structure Generous tube bed
    countertop structure Vacuum adsorption
    Spindle Italian HSD air-cooled ATC spindle
    Inverter Best
    motor Yaskawa 850W Servo Motor
    guide Square Linear Guide
    reducer Japan Xinbao reducer
    Inverter Delta
    positioning cylinder 7
    knife Automatic tool setter
    CNC Router

    CNC Router

    CNC Router
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