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    CNC Router with row drill package
    The HQD automatic tool change spindle and large-capacity tool magazine can be used to solve various complex production processes. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with a drill group and a saw blade spindle, which can solve the installation holes required for the three-in-one and two-in-one links of panel furniture. and installation slots required for invisible parts.
    The new-type large square tube seamless welded bed is milled on five sides, and the widened square tube is used to improve the strength of the bed and the table. 
    Heavy-duty reinforced beam structure, improve beam stability, high precision, can carry large weight, equipment runs at high speed with low vibration, low noise, and stable operation. Vacuum adsorption tabletop, the tabletop is convenient to replace the tabletop with embedded parts, and it is convenient to replace the lining board, without scraping and applying glue, which improves the accuracy of the tabletop, prevents air leakage and air leakage between areas, and improves the adsorption effect.
    product name CNC Router with row drill package
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency AC380V/50/3P
    Working area 1300*2500*200mm
    Bed structure New style large square tube
    Countertop Structure Vacuum adsorption table
    system Taiwan Baoyuan Control System
    Spindle HQD
    Inverter Hypmount Inverter
    Motor and drive system Leisai servo motor, Nugel reducer
    guide Taiwan Pengyin Square Rail
    Vacuum cleaner Double bag vacuum cleaner
    Lubrication and tool setting system automatic
     CNC Router with row drill package

     CNC Router with row drill package

     CNC Router with row drill package
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