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    4 Processes CNC Router
    The new type of large square tube is adopted, which can carry a large amount of weight, and the LED light is added to the bed, and the appearance is high.
    The four-process cutting machine has four spindles to automatically change suitable tools, saving tool change time and high efficiency.
    Vacuum adsorption table, high adsorption force, processing does not run the board.
    XY axis helical rack and Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw with high precision.
    Taiwan square rail All three axes use the original linear square rail, which has good stability and high precision.
    When the types of tools required for processing the workpiece are four or less, it is recommended to choose a four-process cutting machine.
    product name 4 process CNC Router
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency AC380V/50HZ/3P
    Working area (XYZ) 1300*2800*200mm
    bed structure New style large square tube bed
    Gantry structure Steel mobile gantry
    countertop structure 7-zone vacuum suction table
    system Taiwan Baoyuan
    Spindle  JST air-cooled spindle
    Inverter Best
    Motors and Drive Systems servo motor
    guide Square rail
    Lubrication system automatic lubrication
    vacuum pump Water circulation vacuum pump
    Vacuum cleaner Double bag vacuum cleaner
    knife Automatic tool setter
    Chassis Rittal chassis
     4 Processes CNC Router

     4 Processes CNC Router

     4 Processes CNC Router
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