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    In-line double-station machining center

    Double workbench, two workbenches can be used for processing in turn, reducing idle time and saving production costs.

    The new large square tube seamless welded bed and steel mobile gantry have high precision, can carry a large weight and are easy to operate.

    5 positioning cylinders, it is more convenient to locate the quick-change plate.
    There is a pushing device, which is more convenient to unload and improve productivity.

    Adopt Taiwan square rail, Y-axis 30 square rail, X, Z-axis 25 square rail, original linear square rail, good stability, long service life and high precision.

    Software compatibility is good, compatible with a variety of operating software.

    Product name and model: Double-station in-line tool change machining center
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency: AC380V/50, 3P
    Working area: 1300*2500*200mm
    Bed structure: New type large square tube seamless welding bed
    Gantry structure: Steel mobile gantry
    Countertop Structure: Vacuum adsorption table + auxiliary feeding table
    system: Taiwan Baoyuan Control System
    Supported file formats: *.g;*.nc;*.ug;*.demo;*.iso;*.eng;*.cut, etc.
    Positioning the cylinder: 5 positioning cylinders
    Pushing device: With pusher
    Spindle:  HQD air-cooled automatic tool changer spindle 12 in-line tool changers
    Inverter: Hypmount Inverter
    Motor and drive system: Raise Servo Motor + Nugel Reducer
    transfer method: XY axis helical rack and pinion Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw
    guide: Taiwan square rail: Y axis 30 square rail X, Z axis 25 square rail
    Vacuum pump: 7.5kw water-cooled vacuum pump
    Vacuum cleaner: 3.0kw double bag vacuum cleaner
    Lubrication system: automatic lubrication
    Knife: automatic tool setting
    Chassis: Rittal chassis
    cnc router

    cnc router
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