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    Non-porous process CNC Router
    1.The non-porous process CNC cutting machine adopts a special saw blade spindle with good stability.
    2.12 in-line tool changing, saving tool changing time and high efficiency.
    3.Vacuum adsorption table, the table uses embedded parts to facilitate the replacement of the liner, no more scraping and gluing, which improves the accuracy of the table, and can prevent the air between areas and air leakage, and improve the adsorption effect.
    4.XY axis Taiwan helical rack and pinion Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw, with high precision and durability.
    5.This machine is mainly used for the manufacture and production of panel furniture. It can process not only the installation slots required for various invisible links, but also the installation holes for common two-in-one and three-in-one connectors of panel furniture. Slots and cutting blanks.
    6.Equipped with high-power tool changing spindle, large-capacity servo tool magazine, and special device for sawing, milling and grooving, it is suitable for diversified and complex product processing or various processing procedures. Engraving, etc.; easy to operate, especially suitable for customized production needs.
    Product name and model Non-porous process CNC Router
    working area 1300*2800*200mm
    system new generation system
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380V/50HZ
    Spindle power/speed Jester air-cooled spindle straight row 12 knives plus Jester saw blade spindle
    Inverter 11kw Hepmond Inverter 1.5KW Hepmond Inverter
    Motors and Drives New Generation Servo
    bed structure new bed
    countertop structure Full-page vacuum suction table (7 zones)
    side panel type New welded column
    reducer Xinbao reducer
    guide Taiwan Taiwan stable Y axis 30 square rail X, Z axis 25 square rail
    Rack/Module Stable rack
    Lubrication system automatic lubrication
    Vacuum Pump Voltage and Frequency Water circulation vacuum pump 380V, 3ph50Hz
    Vacuum cleaner voltage and frequency Double Bag Vacuum Cleaner 380V, 3ph, 50Hz
    positioning cylinder (Y4+X2)
    knife automatic tool setting
    Chassis Rittal
    cnc router

    cnc router
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