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    Straight row tool changer CNC Router
    1. In-line automatic tool changing CNC cutting machine is a CNC cutting and milling type processing equipment that can solve various woodworking processes. It can realize the production and processing of customized cabinets and wardrobes, and can also realize the molding processing of plastic door panels.
    2. The new type large bed structure is adopted, with high precision, heavy load bearing capacity and convenient operation.
    3. 12 in-line tool changing, saving tool changing time and high efficiency.
    4. The Taiwan Baoyuan system has good compatibility and is equipped with a handle, which is easy to operate.
    5. The whole-page vacuum adsorption table is divided into 7 areas for adsorption, with strong adsorption force and no running of the board during processing.
    6. Equipped with soft and hard limit, high processing safety.
    Product name Straight row tool changer CNC Router
    Working area 1300*2800*200mm
    System Taiwan New Generation
    Inverter Hipmond inverter
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380V/50HZ
    Spindle power/speed JST JST air-cooled spindle 24000rpm straight row 12 knives
    Motors and Drives New generation
    Reducer Japan Xinbao reducer
    Bed structure New bed
    Countertop structure Full-page vacuum suction table
    Lubrication system Automatic lubrication
    Knife Automatic tool setting
    CNC Router

    CNC Router
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