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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    Vacuum Press Machine

    Using automatic digital display technology, the machine has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate.
    The worktable is made of special steel, which is corrosion-resistant.
    The infrared auxiliary heating system is used for heating, and the insulation material is heated evenly, saving energy and electricity.
    Adopt vacuum pump, reliable performance and fast pumping.
    One machine multi-purpose PVC, veneer, transfer printing, high compatibility.
    PVC-covered furniture, speakers, cabinets, craft doors, decorative wall skirts, high-gloss PVC and various special-shaped finishes.

    Dimensions 9700*1780*1400mm
    working desk size 2550*1300mm + 2550*1150mm
    Maximum processing height 60mm
    Fixed work stress ≥ – 0.095Mpa
    total power 21-30kw
    actual power consumption 6-8kw
    Total Weight 1.6T
    maximum temperature 185°
    Vacuum Press Machine
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