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    Saw blade side hole machine

    The side hole machine can complete the side punching of three-in-one side hole/dowel hole/blind hole/fixed slot/through slot/four kinds of hidden parts.
    Customized motion control system with good stability and precision.
    American Bonner laser probe, high accuracy.
    There are customized limit, safety protection.
    High-power saw blade electric spindle and diamond saw blade, fast speed and high precision.

    product name side hole machine
    Body Specifications 3600x1250x1300mm
    work plan 2800mm
    table height 750mm
    Saw Blade Spindle High power saw blade electric spindle
    Saw blade spindle power JST2.2KW
    Punching Spindle Motor SJD air-cooled spindle x2
    Punching spindle power 2.2KWx2
    Spindle speed 24000RP m/min
    saw blade diamond saw blade
    idle speed 10-120m/min
    Drive motor and power Wade Servo
    Processing speed 10-80m/min
    Laser sensor Bonner Laser Probe
    code scanning gun Dual system dedicated code scanning gun
    Control System custom system
    guide 25 square rail
    lead screw TBI lead screw + Z axis 25 imported high precision grinding lead screw
    rack Jury rack
    reducer taiwan planet
    Material of head parts Space Aluminum Casting
    Bearings and housings Taiwanese
    oil injection system Automatic oil filling system
    cable Shanghai high soft double sheath
    mesa Carved countertops
    cylinder Oblique cylinder
    Pneumatic Components Yadak components
    Electrical main parts Schneider Electric
    Limit Customized limit/safety protection
     Saw blade side hole machine
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