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    Six Sided CNC Drill

    The   Six Sided CNC Drill can be directly connected with a variety of dismantling software, and is mainly used for six-sided (hinge hole, through hole, semi-through hole) and horizontal pull grooves of various artificial boards.
     The system recognizes the processing information by scanning the code, which is intelligent and efficient.
     Computer operation, CAD drawing, CAM import, can directly import DXF, MPR, xml and other open data formats, easy to operate.
     Using double gripper guide rails, intelligent detection of hole position information can effectively avoid the opening position, reduce the time of hand change during drilling process, the gripper stroke exceeds 5.5 meters, large panels can be grasped and processed at one time, and large side panels of wardrobes can be drilled. Hole processing time is greatly reduced.
     Equipped with air flotation worktable and air flotation platen, during the processing process, the upper and lower surfaces of the plate form an air layer, which improves the conveying efficiency of the plate, and at the same time avoids scratching the plate, and the platen drilling is completed at the same time to ensure the drilling accuracy and efficiency.
    According to the production output and production process, the processing mode can be selected, and the mode is forward and backward. After the plate is processed, the next plate can be processed.

    Plate processing size Sheet length 250-2800
    Sheet width 50-1220
    Sheet thickness 12-50
    fast moving speed X1 axis 120m/min
    X2 axis 120m/min
    Y axis 80m/min
    Z axis 30m/min
    V-axis 80m/min
    W axis 30m/min
    A-axis 30m/min
    Number of tools Drilling package 12 vertical drill + 8 horizontal drill
    Drill down package 9 vertical drill
    Spindle 3.5KW*2
    six sided cnc drill
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