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    Blister cabinet door production solutions

    ?Blister cabinet door production solution

    The blister door/cabinet door production line is mainly composed of four types of equipment: automatic tool change machining center, polishing machine, laminating machine and single-head hinge drill. It can be used for the production and processing of various wooden doors, blister doors and cabinet doors.

    CNC Router

    ?In-line automatic tool change machining center

    Introduction: The in-line automatic tool changing machining center can carve wood products such as furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors and windows. It has an independent tool magazine and can automatically replace the required tools during the processing of the workpiece without stopping work.

    1. It is suitable for multi-complexity product processing or various processing, with a wide range of functions, such as drilling, cutting, side milling, chamfering, etc.

    2. All the mechanical and electrical components of this model are of international famous brands.

    3. In-line automatic tool change, the tool magazine capacity is 12 tools, the tool change time is fast and the efficiency is high.

    4. Strong software compatibility.

    wood sanding

    ?Polisher machine

    Introduction: The polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of solid wood, MDF, iron sheet and other materials. Ideal equipment for the production of opposite-sex polishing of doors and windows, cabinet furniture, etc.

    1. Surface processing equipment for wood products, mainly for rough grinding and primer polishing of wood products.

    2. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted freely to select the appropriate feeding speed to ensure the polishing quality of the workpiece.

    3. The sanding roller is composed of sisal brush and gauze. It can provide various combinations of gauze and brush, and the gauze and brush can be replaced respectively, saving cost.

    laminating machine

    ?Laminating machine

    Introduction: The laminating machine can make three-dimensional lamination of various PVC films on various materials such as furniture, cabinets, speakers, and paint-free doors.

    1. The body of the equipment is welded and processed with high-quality steel. The force point is strictly calculated, and the stability without deformation is high.

    2. The heating system adopts a microcomputer temperature controller, which can be automatically controlled according to the temperature change, so as to adjust the heating speed to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature.

    3. Using automatic digital display technology The whole machine has a high degree of automation, simple operation and low failure rate.

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