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    3050 EPS CNC Foam Engraving Machinery

    3050 EPS CNC Foam Engraving Machinery, the main shaft can swing 180 degrees for three-dimensional processing.
    The new generation system with hand wheel operation has good compatibility and stability.
    Styrofoam heavy-duty bed, no deformation during processing, good bearing capacity, stable and durable.
    Equipped with rotating spindle, chuck 200mm length 5000, wide processing range.
    Uses: EPS polystyrene foam CNC machine tools have been used to process EPS, casting wood molds, automotive interiors, engineering plastics and other non-metallic material molds.

    Product name and model ELECNC3050EPS true four-axis
    machine color black and yellow
    Four-axis travel 3000x5000x1200mm
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 220V/3ph/60hz
    system New generation system + handwheel
    Spindle power/speed HQD air-cooled tool change spindle 18000 rpm;
    Inverter Fuling inverter
    Motors and Drives 1.5KW Fuji Xinbao reducer
    reducer Japan Xinbao reducer
    bed structure Styrofoam heavy duty bed
    countertop structure T-slot countertop
    guide PMI #45 for Y, #35 for X and Z
    Rack/Module helical teeth
    Limited brand Japan Omron limit
    Lubrication system Large Electric Gear Lubrication Pump
    Vacuum cleaner voltage and frequency Double bag vacuum cleaner 220V/3 phase/60HZ
    Rotary shaft size/stroke/motor/drive Chuck 200mm length 5000, with 600mm height support (motor Fuji 850W + drive)
    knife Tool setter
    Chassis (type, color)  New generation chassis
    3050 EPS CNC Foam Engraving Machinery

    3050 EPS CNC Foam Engraving Machinery
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