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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    1824 True Four-axis Styrofoam Machining Center

    Work efficiency: Straight disk tool change (8 tool magazines), with automatic tool change, saving processing time.
    multi-function: using four-axis (4-axis CNC machine tool), the machine tool spindle can swing 180 degrees for three-dimensional processing.
    use: EPS poly Styrene foam CNC machine tools have been used to process non-metallic material molds such as EPS, casting wood molds, automotive interiors, engineering plastics.

    Product name and model ELECNC1824ATC EPS true four-axis Styrofoam
    machine color white blue
    working area 1800*2400*1200mm
    system New generation system + handwheel
    Spindle power/speed Italian HSD air-cooled tool changer spindle ES951ISO30 tool holder
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380V/3 phase/50HZ
    Inverter Delta
    Motors and Drives Yaskawa Servo and Yaskawa Drive
    bed structure large square tube
    countertop structure ordinary countertop
    side panel type Welded side panels
    guide Taiwan PMI square track
    rack helical teeth
    Machine dustproof type XY axis dustproof
    reducer japan new treasure
    Limited brand Omron Japan
    Lubrication system Large Electric Gear Lubrication Pump
    Vacuum cleaner (voltage and frequency) New double bag vacuum cleaner (380V/3 phase/50HZ)
    knife Automatic tool setter
    Chassis Rittal
     1824 True Four-axis Styrofoam Machining Center

     1824 True Four-axis Styrofoam Machining Center

     1824 True Four-axis Styrofoam Machining Center
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