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  • TEL:186-1567-9770

    3D Foam CNC Carving Machine

    The Z-axis can be heightened according to your requirements, and the entire working size can also be customized.
    the original Italian HSD spindle.
    the Japanese Yaskawa servo system is used, with high precision and large torque.
    the machine adopts the pressure roller design, which can keep the machine stationary during processing.

    Product name and model ELE1325
    machine color White bed, mint green sheet metal
    working area 1300*2500*400mm
    countertop structure T-slot T-slot parallel to X axis
    Chassis Voltage/Frequency 380V3phase 50HZ
    system DSP A11
    Spindle Italian HSD
    Inverter 7.5KW Delta
    Motors and Drives Yaskawa Servo
    guide Silver #25
    Lubrication system manual
    Gantry structure Gantry Mobile
    spray/sink automatic fuel injection
    bed structure big square tube sinking
    rack have
    knife Simple knife setting
    lead screw TBI lead screw
    Chassis Independent single side
    3D Foam CNC Carving Machine

    3D Foam CNC Carving Machine

    3D Foam CNC Carving Machine
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